2020 Virtual Bow WOW Walk

Due to Covid and safety concerns, our 6th Annual Kickball Tournament was put on hold. We still wanted to have a fun community event. Furthermore, we did not just want this to be a fundraiser for Ray, but also a happy distraction for people all over.

Ray and Bacchus’s Virtual Bow WOW Walk showcased an amazing dog community….not only throughout the US, but also in Canada and Ireland! We were able to bring together people who love dogs, walk their dogs and wanted to participate in a positive and fun event. People messaged us saying they loved seeing The Adventures of Ray and Bacchus the Bernedoodle’s Facebook page full of happy people and dogs even if they do not have a dog.

Ray was thrilled to receive photos of people in his themed event shirt on their walk. He enjoyed going to Beech Woods Park on gorgeous September Day to walk Bacchus and see other dogs. It was an amazing event and we thank everyone who participated, donated and/or was a sponsor!!