The 4th annual kickball tournament was the best yet!!! This year, Ray worked with some shirt designers to create a shirt for the kickball tournament and he insisted on his headshot being on the shirt! We sold sponsorships for the shirt and the shirt looked great. If you would like to buy one, here is the link:

There were 8 teams competing on a lovely Fall day! We had several returning teams and a few news ones. We were excited to see some familiar faces. Ray was thrilled to get the attention!

We cheered on all the teams, but some were special – some were funny and some were very spirited. We had fun watching all the games. In the end, the South Brunswick Police Department came from behind to tie the game in the sixth inning and forced the championship game into extra innings. They won it in 7 innings!! They are now back-to-back champions!!! Congratulations!!