Earlier this year, Ray was gifted a bernedoodle (mix of a Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle) from Highfalutin Furry Babies in Florida to train as his service dog. Ray is thrilled and Bacchus is doing great and growing big and strong. This year’s kickball tournament proceeds will be used for his training.

As such, the event shirt, plaques and flyers were designed with a drawing of Ray and Bacchus. When we shared the story, people were very touched and excited for Ray to have a service dog, especially one as cute as Bacchus!!!

We received a lot of support from sponsors who wanted to be involved. We are extremely grateful to our sponsors!!! Then, we started to reach out for teams to play in the tournament. There was a lot of excitement and we know how difficult it is to organize a team. We were so touched when The Marisa Tufaro Foundation sponsored six South Brunswick High School sports teams, so they could play. In total, we had 14 teams come out on a gorgeous September Sunday. Wow!!

To entertain the players, Andrew Bor from Rock It Entertainment played music and kept things moving. We are so thankful for Andrew volunteering to help! The music was a really nice addition and added a new element to the event.

We had some old and some new teams make it to the playoffs. The South Brunswick Police Department successfully defended their title. Ray was on hand to congratulate them and give them their championship plaques. What a tournament! We hope 2020 is just as great!!

Thank you to everyone who made this a special event!!!!